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Fire safety on your boat

No matter whether your boat is used for commercial fishing, marine research or just a weekend out fishing with your mates, always ensure you have adequate fire safety equipment on board.

At the very least, this should always include an operable fire extinguisher and a fire blanket.

Not all fires are best handled with water and, when out on the seas or in the estuaries where water is obviously abundant, chemical or oil fires aboard your boat can be exacerbated by dousing with water, especially if a lack of preparation causes extra time while you scurry to bucket water to and fro. Speed of fire suppression for on-board fires will always be key in maintaining safety and limiting damage when out on the water.

Your first priorities should always be to protect life and to ensure you can get safely back to land. Ready access to fire suppression systems can reduce damage to your boat, and most importantly keep your crew, passengers and mates safe in the event of a fire on board.

Talk to Fire Equipment Maintenance Services about our recommendations for marine fire safety equipment and regular servicing thereof.