Fire Equipment Maintenance Services

Your local Warrnambool Fire Safety Systems Maintenance service

phone3 (03) 5561 6614

CO2 and other industrial cylinder testing


dive tank refills

Looking for scuba diving tank refills and testing?

Conveniently located in Warrnambool and near some of Victoria's best scuba diving spots, we cater to the needs of all divers requiring scuba tank testing and refilling. 

home brewing gas

Do you need gas for your home brewing / beer making?

Give your beer the best chance! We test cylinders and provide refills for CO2 food grade cylinders. Prices from $33 per tank (1-3kg). Find us here.

aquarium cylinders

Aquarium or fish tank gas cylinder tank testing

We are accredited to test and refill aquarium CO2 cylinders. Call in now or give us a call. Find our location on this page.

gas cylinders

We will test your BBQ cylinder or "Fat Boy" cylinder and many more

We provide licenced testing and refilling for many types of high pressure cylinders in many different sizes, including Fat Boy and BBQ gas cylinders. Contact us now.