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LPG gas testing and refills

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Automotive and domestic LPG gas tank cylinder testing

Australian Standard 2030 (AS:2030) requires that all gas cylinders be re-certified (tested) every ten years by a licensed gas cylinder test station.

Get your auto LPG gas tank tested with us. We are a certified gas cylinder test station (no 431) and test to comply with Australian Gas Cylinder standards. We test both quadvalve and multivalue configurations.

We will test your BBQ cylinder or "Fat Boy" cylinder and many more.

We provide licensed testing and refilling for many types of high pressure cylinders in many different sizes, including Fat Boy and BBQ gas cylinders. Contact us now.

Conveniently located in Warrnambool, we have accredited professionals that will check and re-certify your tanks. Click here for our contact details and opening hours.

We test and certify LPG tanks for:

  • automotive
  • forklifts
  • fat boys
  • bbq
  • almost any other type of LPG tank